Creating a Blog In Dagdigdug.Com What is this? surely the whole world to ask about it, it food, beverage, or a person's name, after I had been looking on the internet turned out to is a blog hosting service for anyone who wants to become a blogger, this service is provided to give positive effect in the form virus transmission for the entire blogging community who want to become a blogger but open blockers. It also makes a new trend to transmit the excitement of lust lust for blogging and bloggers work together with each other. Well I tell you its history than Myspace friends can check in directly to mngetahui history. Well just practice a blog hosting create a blog with original Indonesia.

The steps are as follows

Open your browser and enter the url address
Display the following

After appearing in the picture above, the next step select the "three step blogging" (3 langkah ngeblog) in the banner above
click on "Register Now!" (Daftar Sekarang Juga !)

Now when it appears on the display according to the requested table, after he felt sure then just click "Next" (Selanjutnya), but first must prepare your blog's name let me in your next steps will be easy to determine his blog domain.
Then the next view that is

Fill in the name of your blog url so u want your blog with blog hosting, and also fill titlenya blog.
If you're feeling confident and full dah click the "SignUp"
If we succeed in filling it will display showing

Given the above view then create a blog on already completed, verification of residence by entering your email then click on the url to the administrator and the url for his blog site address, view the following

Now in your verification will be given a username that you have created and given a password from It is expected that the admin password you replace immediately. That's a bit of science that I can give to temen-temen blogger who wants to try new things on a blog hosting native Indonesian.Okay see you next time (use the English language all) in a subsequent article.Although dashboardnya same view with but commendable work of blogger friends.

Indonesian bloggers go ahead!

create by Joshap (

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