New Gazebo, New Cafetaria

Latest news. This is a new gazebo Trunojoyo Madura University, actually the construction was completed several months ago but here is a new is that there is a new cafeteria, new gazebo Kanti inaugurated this new but already provides a lot of food very much, there are a variety of domestic worried about all the The new canteen. Location of this Kanti gazebo between the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Law does so precisely arriving midway between the two Faculties do not be surprised if the time-period lunch hour is very busy and crowded because so many students who come.

The facility is on offer at this cafeteria as follows gazebo

1. The seats are large and many

2. Diverse food and beverage variety

3. Problem is fitted with a bag price Students (Students who barely ... heheh)

4. Cool

5. Wifi

6. Adequate lighting

7. Affordable access

Yes that is what is offered by the new Canteen Canteen Gazebo (that's what gave me the title), his hope will be many more gazebo, where the collector student at the Trunojoyo Madura University  ... good to connect student life ... hehehe ... all the news from I wait for the next news. Thanks.

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