Ichiraku Noodles Ramen

would never hear a about Ichiraku Ramen Noodles ... and, yes! Naruto's favorite noodles and come from china but is famous in japan ..
actually it how? how do I keep him?
ramen noodle broth was actually derived from pigs, but a specially ichiraku (which means the chickens in the Indonesian language) using the broth and chicken meat ... : I honestly really curious about the same taste and how to make it, .. because it's really delicious meal naruto think this

"Ramen is noodles with sauce and meat. There are two types of ramen, ramen ramen pork and beef. What distinguishes the two is the meat, because the sauce is usually a mixture of pork broth, beef and chicken. It's easy to find pork because ramen stall where- where, which is difficult is to find a ramen ramen beef cow let alone with a broth made from cows only.

After searching finally find info from a friend, there is a ramen shop cows with beef broth. Although the stall a little distance but due to the scarcity of beef ramen we also are curious to try it. Stall is not too big, but clean and comfortable. Visitors arriving one after another indicates these stalls selling sweet. Once inside as usual we were greeted with the typical hospitality of the Japanese waitress who ushered us inside. Two glasses of cold water immediately presented with a orders to let us choose from a menu that is available.

From the list of menus available 2 types of ramen, pork and beef. There is also an additional menu like karange (fried chicken), salad, cake, ice cream etc.. Our friend said earlier, although there are 2 kinds of ramen, but these stalls cook it separately between pigs and cows so there is no contamination. Finally we ordered beef ramen and karange.
Less than 10 minutes, our order has arrived. Ramen served in a bowl large enough. It smelled really appetizing, it is very tasty to make us swallow hard a few times can not wait to eat it. Itself consisted of Ramen noodles, bean sprouts, scallions, nori (seaweed), beef, boiled eggs and red pepper intact. Noodles was so gentle with the right resilience, kecambahnya Kriuk-Kriuk crunchy, the beef thinly sliced tough not so easy to be bitten and of course the sauce is so thick and tasty, plus the taste of fresh scallions, truly extraordinary delicious . Ummmmmaaai (very good). Sruput, sruput, sruput ramen was sold out in no time at all.
Karange also no less tasty, consisting of pieces of boneless chicken meat that is not too large, fried with a special meal for karange, very crisp, very tasty marinade is absorbed and combined with chopped cabbage, leaf lettuce and salad dressing. Once again ummmaai.
Our tongues were truly spoiled by the taste of ramen and karangenya.Walaupun price a bit expensive (almost double the pork ramen), finally comes true ramen eating beef, truly comparable to kelezatannya "

okay that's all about ramen noodles for a quick way of making ramen noodles just wait, hold open the plate-m.com blog who knows my posts already. Congratulations are curious about the taste of ramen noodles are super tasty. survivors meet again on another occasion.

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