Madura Island in English Review

Madura madukara derived from the word, the name of a god who was riding the cow which is jelamaan of the god Vishnu. Madukara was formerly deserted island without masters, mostly barren land into fertile top of dexterity and patience daughter Ayu Koneng government.
Putri Ayu Koneng Hindu. He likes to meditate and eat leaves and fruits. While the drink is made of turmeric and ginger seruas thumb that are put together. One time during the period of his hermitage, the princess dreamed of meeting the deity Vishnu, who gave him the gift of a baby in the womb Princess Koneng, This then makes him restless and agitated. Pregnant without a husband is a disgrace for him. He thought if the pregnancy was heard by the king, who was also his father the king bracelets. When hearing her pregnancy, the king became angry. In fact he did not want to know that the innocent is not his daughter. Kingdom bracelets itself is located in an area that remit includes Lamongan Gresik, Tuban, Edge Galuh (Surabaya). With the persuasion of the empress, then luluhlah heart of the king. Then the king said to his daughter was ostracized from his realm.
"O commander!," Cried the king. "I titahkan you brought my daughter out of the bracelets. And do not let her pregnancy was heard by my people, and then you come back to me "command of the king on his guard. After a long the way, on the edge of a beach the commander and the deputy saw the island of homeless. It was there and then the princess exiled.
But the commander felt sorry for the princess. Commander of the king's maker. In fact he brought his relatives to accompany the princess on the island. Princess koneng island Madukara name is none other than an adored figure of the god Vishnu. However, due to the tongue of the rigid at that time, the name madukara to Madura. Gradually, as many people who feel Ibah hello to the princess, many hijras people to the island. There juaga new pedatang from china and india live in pualu it!, The princess of land dividing the island of Madura with the commander. Bangkalan ground commander is empowered to become duke Bangkalan, daughter koneng build his empire in lacquer with royal names Nepa!. In rainy season the daughter entered the race racing cows pull a plow. This is a surefire way to enrich the soil and after the new land planted with rice, corn, etc..
Competition cow racing, then became a tradition of the nobility Madura. In its heyday, Nepa empire extending his rule until Situbondo, Bondowoso, Jember, Lumajang, and partly with the help of Duke Bangkalan Probolinggo. At one time royal bracelets attacked by other kingdoms. And sent the commander to ask for help Nepa king awareness bracelets.

by Roostien Ilyas & Yusuf Rizal
Translated by
Foto: Wikipedia

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